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In which I turn a CR chart into a muselist

Active Characters

  The Doctor (Tenth)

Doctor Who

Some really old dude who lives in a box. That's an alien with two hearts and travels with people in said box through time and space on ADVENTURES!!! Has a thing with a chick named Rose (not that kind of thing, but sorta. It's complicated and weird and he's a 900+ year old alien and she's all of twenty and human.) and is not afraid to pine about her to the detriment of the people who he travels with. Unless it's Donna and she just shouts him for being a moping alien stick figure.


  Peter Hale

Teen Wolf

Crazy vengeful alpha werewolf. Derek's uncle. One time got killed by the fail wolf pack, but he got better. Thanks for helping out with that, Lydia. Is kind of a creeper (okay that's the understatement of the year).


  Alexis Hawkins

Original (Tarnishedverse)

Son of Thomas Hawkins and named after Benjamin Chamberlain. Future Diamond King of the fae, former unseelie knight. Was an agent for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs (formerly the Last Line of Defense) until he was kidnapped due to being a half-angel hybrid. His emotional affinity is apathy and his ability is the nullification of all superhuman strengths, bringing everyone down to the same strength. Just wants a normal life and doesn't want to be king. Has a secret younger sister who shoots energy blasts from her hands.


  Malcolm Reed

Star Trek: Enterprise (mirror universe)

Armory officer onboard the Enterprise. Co-creator of the agony booth. Really likes when things blow up, even if it's his own ship. As long as he isn't on it. Doesn't like aliens, especially Andorians and T'Pol. Forever loyal to Jonathan Archer and dislikes Hoshi Sato for killing him. Had half of his face burnt off thanks to a clever Gorn. It's worked in his favor.


  Ryan Fletcher


Former CIA analyst that eventually became head of Division after Percy's untimely death. Spent some time in a federal prison and had his death faked thanks to poking his nose where it doesn't belong. Willing to sacrifice himself to help Nikita in her quest to stop Division. Now works to keep Division agents alive and to stop the rogue agents and Amanda because the President thinks Division is a threat and going to kill them all. Once had a thing for Nikita, but they're friends now. Because Ryan is forever in the friendzone.



Highlander: The Series

Five thousand year old Immortal pretending to be a college student/Watcher so he doesn't get his head chopped off. Was a myth until Duncan MacLeod came into his life. Fights dirty and gives no fucks about rules if it impedes his ability to survive. Once was Death on a horse. Currently the only living member of the Four Horsemen. Close friends with Joe Dawson. Forever mocks Duncan for his moral quandaries because they're stupid and so is he for worrying about them.


  Kenneth Parker

Original (Wishteria)

An old man clinging to the past by way of his ghostly lover, who he has raised a child with. Could be confused for a rock. Has medium powers, but is completely unaware of them. Somehow kind of in charge of a company that could be described as pure madness. Is not familiar in any way.


  Agent Chicago

Original (The Operators)

Leader of the Persephone renegades. Houses multiple personalities that have been grafted onto his mind. Has two abilities: Control and Pain, depending on which personality is active. Man behind the Chicago bombing, one of the worst terrorist attacks ever. In a relationship with Eight, a female clone pilot of Agent London. Is actually fighting to save the world from the Void, an imbalance in the world that could have been prevented with his father's death.


  Thomas Hawkins

Original (Tarnishedverse)

Angel of Rage. Secret agent. Information broker. Runs a gay club. Sometimes completely insane. Is actually a good guy with a chainsaw sword. Wants to kill a god and replace him. Houses the soul of a possibly evil god who is also his mother. Might actually be a shapeshifting werejackal dragon god.

...It's really complicated.


  Nicholas Rush

Stargate Universe

Brilliant scientist that is most likely insane. Only person on Destiny who knows what the fuck is going on. Tends to get his ass kicked by the military personnel. All of his significant others keep dying. From an alternate timeline where he and Telford are the only survivors of an attempt to dial Earth. Well, until he accidentally electrocuted the main timeline's Telford.

Translation: His life sucks.


  Sousuke Aizen


Former Fifth Division Captain and Lord of Las Noches. Behind every single plotline in the series, his goal is to become the new Spirit King and change the world one that he desires. Ridiculously overpowered and became even more so that one time he fused with the hogyoku and then turned into a crazy evil butterfly monster. Used to wield Kyoka Suigetsu, which gives him the ability of Complete Hypnosis a.k.a. the power to mindfuck all of the shinigami cast minus Ichigo and does so for the hell of it. He got marginally better and is now chilling in prison while wearing bondage.


  Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin

Once Upon A Time

Just a pawnbroker. Who dabbles in babies. And created a dark curse that sent fairy tale characters to the real world and made everyone forget who they are. All to find his son that disappeared to here three hundred years ago in the fairy tale world. Is also the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and the Crocodile from Peter Pan. Tick tock, dearies. It's time to make some deals.

Persona 4: The Golden inspired CR Codechart and icons created by [personal profile] twilitfall
and adapted from [community profile] pixle_squared's Persona-related charts