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Before I start with the actual game, I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys things I won't be showing you a lot of in the actual LP and in the case of Challenging Mode, it won't be shown at all unless you want me to go through it. So before I end up rambling for no reason, let's get on with it.

Start Menu

The start menu is pretty straightforward for the most part. Like every RPG, this is where all of your information is at. On the left is where you can select different things to check your items, pilots, Zoids, and so forth. Taking up most of the right side of the screen is where your battling Zoids are shown. Since this is a different save file than the one I'm using for the LP, I have a Shield Liger and Blade Liger on my selected team. You're able to switch from seeing the Zoid names to the pilots' names instead. Down at the bottom right is my money or G. As you can see, I'm broke.

...Moving on, we'll first check out the Status section.

This is where you check out the status of each Zoid you have built and the pilots that are assigned to them. You can switch between them with the L and R buttons in case you want to look at the other group. The exclamation marks next to the names shows that the Zoid and pilot are currently on my team.
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I give you the recipe for gooey butter cake, a Saint Louis exclusive dessert that is incredibly sweet and one of my favorites, especially when homemade, but store bought ones are pretty good as well, as they have the same recipe as the homemade ones. (They both use cream cheese. smaller pastry shops use something else, but the cream cheese version is easier to make.)

NOTE: You cannot substitute any of the ingredients for low fat versions of them because it will come out tasting wrong or very runny.

Onto the recipe )
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