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List of Roleplaying Journals on Dreamwidth (Active and Inactive)

Fandom Journals
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Admiral Zhao @ [personal profile] brbpunchingthemoon

Clint Barton/Hawkeye @ [personal profile] anothernotch
Nick Fury [personal profile] badasslongcoat

Bourne Series
Aaron Cross @ [personal profile] toomanyquestions
David Webb/Jason Bourne (novels) @ [personal profile] cainisfordelta

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Gabriel Belmont @ [personal profile] moreterriblethanthee

Sir G @ [personal profile] bitchology
Owen @ [personal profile] poprockswhileskydiving

Dark Angel
Logan Cale @ [personal profile] blahblahwoofwoof

Doctor Who
Brigadier General Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart @ [personal profile] fiveroundsrapid

Gundam SEED Destiny
Neo Roanoke @ [personal profile] awickedman

Highlander: The Series
Methos @ [personal profile] mythconfirmed

The Invisible Man
Darien Fawkes @ [personal profile] deadpansnarker

Legend of Korra
Amon [AU] @ [personal profile] moonlightknight
Tenzin @ [personal profile] dramaticcapeflip
Tarrlok @ [personal profile] unfavorite

Metal Gear Solid
Solidus Snake [George Sears] @ [personal profile] btwkilledyourparents

Percy @ [personal profile] cockblockdivision
Ryan Fletcher @ [personal profile] datawhisperer

Once Upon A Time
Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin @ [personal profile] goldspinning | [personal profile] doesnotglitter
Malcolm Scathelocke/Will Scarlet @ [personal profile] scarlock
The Stranger/August W. Booth @ [personal profile] inastrangeland

Quantum Leap
Sam Beckett @ [personal profile] putrightwhat
Al Calavicci @ [personal profile] oncewentwrong

Nikola Tesla @ [personal profile] youlookhot
Dr. James Watson @ [personal profile] worstsuperpower

Star Trek: Enterprise
Captain Jonathan Archer @ [personal profile] gazellespeech
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed @ [personal profile] reedalert
Major Malcolm Reed @ [personal profile] agonybooth
Commander Terix Val'Danadex Trel tr'Llweii @ [personal profile] romulancandle
Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III @ [personal profile] uniformoptional
Commander Charles Tucker III @ [personal profile] deltairradiated

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Carth Onasi @ [personal profile] defendandprotect

Stargate Atlantis
Lieutenant Michael Kenmore @ [personal profile] buginthesystem

Stargate Universe
Dr. Nicholas Rush @ [personal profile] bitmelodramatic
Dr. Nicholas Rush @ [personal profile] waxwingedflight
Colonel Everett Young @ [personal profile] bestofthebadideas

Teen Wolf
Chris Argent @ [personal profile] silvershot
Derek Hale @ [personal profile] rhymeswithfail
Peter Hale @ [personal profile] sickburn

Ultimate Spider-Man
Phil Coulson @ [personal profile] gonenative

Original Characters

Operators Series
Agent Chicago/Christopher Silverburg @ [personal profile] genosuicide

Alexis Hawkins @ [personal profile] faephilim
Nate Silverman [The Creator] @ [personal profile] bringingdragonback
SÊaghdha Hawkins/Michael Kane @ [personal profile] joieangelique
Thomas Hawkins/Benjamin Franklin Chamberlain @ [personal profile] rageangelic | [personal profile] deathmetal

Kenneth Parker @ [personal profile] antecedent | [personal profile] disparates